Plant Growth Regulator for Pomegranate

Approved Plant Growth RegulatorCropTime of application / purposea.i. (ppm/gm/%) (Dosage per ha)Formulation (ml/gm/L tr/kg/%)Dilution In Water (Litres) / Preparation of solutionWaiting period / PHI
between last applicatio n             &
harvest (days)
Ethephon 39 % SLPomegranateDefoliation for better flowering and fruit yield390-48.5
1250 ml
500135 days (2-2.5
ml/lit water)
Paclobutrazol 23% SC (W/W) / (25% W/V) (Indigenous manufacture)PomegranateTo induce flowering and enhance yield0.69 grm .ai./h a3.0 ml/tree2L Recommended as soil drench (single application) ring form furrow to be made at a depth of 5-7 cm around plants and soil drenching to be done in active root zone and covered with soil.83