Plant Growth Regulator for Sugarcane

Approved Plant Growth RegulatorCropTime of application / purposea.i. (ppm/gm/%) (Dosage per ha)Formulation (ml/gm/L tr/kg/%)Dilution In Water (Litres) / Preparation of solutionWaiting period / PHI
between last applicatio n             &
harvest (days)
Hydrogen Cyanamide 49% AS ( Import )SugarcaneDipping of setts0.501.00%Mix 1000
ml of the product per 100 litres of
319 days
Gibberellic Acid 0.001%LSugarcane (Planted crops)a)First spray 40-45 DAP
b)Second spray 70-80 DAS
0.018gm180 ml450-500