Plant Growth Regulator for Potato

Approved Plant Growth RegulatorCropTime of application / purposea.i. (ppm/gm/%) (Dosage per ha)Formulation (ml/gm/L tr/kg/%)Dilution In Water (Litres) / Preparation of solutionWaiting period / PHI
between last applicatio n             &
harvest (days)
Chlormequat Chloride 50% SLPotatoDipping of cut pieces for 10 minutes100ppm200ppm2.0ml/ 10 L water
Chlorpropham 50% HNPotatoAntisprouting agent for stocked potatoes under cold storage condition Temp= 10+2oC R.H.= 90+5%18-20 gm/MT36-40 ml/MTFormulation is to be applied as such with fogging applicator20
Mepiquat chloride 5% ASPotatoOne spray 45 DAP
To restrict the excessive vegetative growth of potato and increasing its yield
Mix 200 –
300 ml of products in 10 ltrs of water.
60-90 days
Triacontanol 0.05% ECPotatoTwo sprays at 30 and 45 days
after planting
0.250 gm0.50 ltr500-600