Plant Growth Regulator for Pineapple

Approved Plant Growth RegulatorCropTime of application / purposea.i. (ppm/gm/%) (Dosage per ha)Formulation (ml/gm/L tr/kg/%)Dilution In Water (Litres) / Preparation of solutionWaiting period / PHI
between last applicatio n             &
harvest (days)
Ethephon 39 % SLPine appleFor flower induction100 ppm385-5131500-200013 ml in 10 lit of
Alpha Naphthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL (Na salt)Pineapple(a)To induce flowering and uniform growth
(b)To increase fruit size.
I To delay maturity
– Two weeks before harvest.
10ppm (In dry weather half strength solution i.e. 5 ppm may be used)

1 ml in 4.5 ltrs
(pour 30-50 ml of solution in to the head of each plant)
10 ml in 4.5 ltrs. (spray to wet the whole plant)
10 ml in 4.5 ltrs.(Wet the whole fruit 2 weeks before harvest.)