US DAP Spot Price (Gulf) March 2024 Update

US DAP Spot Price (Gulf) for March 2024 has been reported at US $617.5 per ton. This represents a notable increase of 5.77% compared to the February 2024 price of US $583.81 per ton. Furthermore, compared to March 2023, where prices stood at US $606 per ton, the current price reflects a modest 1.9% uptick.

The March 2024 US DAP Spot Price (Gulf) reflects the dynamic nature of the fertilizer market, with notable fluctuations compared to the previous month and year.

The 5.77% increase in DAP spot prices from February to March 2024 suggests heightened demand or supply constraints in the market, driving prices upward. Despite the modest 1.9% increase compared to the previous year, the sustained upward trajectory underscores the resilience of the fertilizer market.