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Turn market challenges into opportunities with reformulation of Organic Fertilizers with Biome: Yakub Ali C.S, founder at CMS Organics

Since March 2020, when Covid-19 reached pandemic level, the prices of raw materials saw a steady hike due to the scarcity of work force and non-availability of material supply. Owing to high demand, the organic fertilizer market got impacted. Price volatility and lack of timely availability of raw materials were a big concern for organic fertilizer manufacturers.

During the current pandemic, CMS Organics has successfully turned market challenges into opportunities, by helping farmers and organic fertilizer manufacturers in maintaining their supply chains through timely delivery of quality inputs as per required specifications, all over India, without a break. Today CMS Organics operates multiple production facilities with the production capacity of 1000 tone monthly, located across the country. One of the primary objectives of CMS Organics is to serve it’s customers and other stakeholders who depend on us during difficult pandemic situation and to help in job creation by involving more and more people in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing and other services provided to the farmers and manufacturers.

Today, CMS Organics is a well-known name in organic fertilizer sector in India. Many of CMS Organics esteemed customers who are involved in fertilizer manufacturing have won international orders by utilizing our high demand products. In order to have productive agriculture and proper nutrition, it is essential that the fertilizers being used meet the expected quality standards. Besides, there should be efficient and effective quality control systems that ensure the delivery of good quality fertilizers to the farmers. The problem of low quality can pertain to any reason – ranging from adulteration, deliberate manufacturing of low-quality fertilizers, misbranding to under-weighted bags of substance. All of this and more make a fertilizer unfit for use in agriculture.

Organic fertilizer, all in one raw material CMS-BIOME helps in developing quality products: Generally, synthetic fertilizer is a fast acting and cost-effective fertilizer, however long-term usage has a negative impact on soil and may damage or burn the plant. On the other hand, most organic fertilizers are slow release type and cost much higher than synthetic fertilizers but have a positive impact on plant and soil. The general advantage of CMS-BIOME compared to the most organic fertilizers is that the high content of fulvic acid allows plant to absorb the nutrients faster thus the absorption rate and cost is comparable to that of synthetic fertilizers.

CMS-BIOME consists: Fulvic acid – 35% min , Potassium as ( K2O )- 10 to 25% min, Solubility In water 85%-100% , pH 5-7, Nitrogen (N) -3% ,Phosphorous 2%, Organic Carbon – 25% with other micro nutrients.

Organic fertilizer manufacturers are using CMS-BIOME multipurpose organic raw material to enhance the quality of their different products such as Organic Potash ,Organic Carbon, Granules, NPK Granules, Growth Promoters, and even for improving and increasing quality of liquid organic fertilizers.

Doses and application of CMS-BIOME organic raw materials in organic fertilizers, depends on the various crops and agroclimatic regions. CMS-BIOME is an economical and eco-friendly organic raw material, which can be used as organic fertilizer by farmers directly in their fields.

How CMS-BIOME organic raw material is beneficial independently?

  • Improve the yield and quality; The fruit enlarges rapidly, the unit weight of the fruit is larger, the size is larger, the appearance is brighter, the hardness is higher.
  • Prevent crop physiological diseases: such as lobular disease, rot disease, and umbilical rot.
  • Prevent premature aging of the crop and extend the fruit picking period by 15-20 days.
  • Strengthen the crop’s resistance to stress: such as frost resistance, drought resistance, resistance to heavy weight.
  • Increase buffering properties of soil, retains water soluble fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants.

What is CMS-BIOME organic raw material?

❖ Extracted from the finest, richest, and purest natural source from the natural agro sectors. Its superior solubility makes fast absorption and high utilization rate, easy diffusion, easy absorption, saving fertilizer and good for fruit coloring.

❖ High organic matter content without residues: It is beneficial to avoid soil acidification and rapid absorption. Not easy to cause soil compaction and balanced growth.

  • Does not contain hormones and chlorine: Safe and efficient, correct nutrient deficiency, promotes balanced growth.

❖ Increase production, efficiency, and quality: Improve products, match science, and promote mutual absorption of nutrients.

How CMS-BIOME organic raw material is used?

  • When flushing, it is recommended to dissolve into high concentration liquid fertilizer and then irrigate with water. If for liquid fertilizer formulation, dissolve into water first and then add fertilizer to speed up the dissolution rate.
  • According to the reference ratio of water, top dressing cannot replace the base fertilizer.
  • General vegetable fertilizer summer – autumn interval 7-10 days, winter – spring interval 10-15 days.
  • The amount of top dressing fertilizer and interval time needs to be comprehensively considered according to factors such as crop varieties, growth potential, soil fertility, base fertilizer usage, season and cultivation methods.

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