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Transforming Agriculture in India: A Comprehensive Boost for Sustainable Farming ~Government Announces Unique Package for Farmers

India is leading the way in promoting sustainable agriculture practices, pledging Rs.3,70,128.7 crore towards innovative farming schemes that will not only uplift the economic status of the farmers but also lead to environmental rejuvenation. This initiative, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), aims to bolster farmers’ income, fortify organic farming, and secure food availability for the nation.

Affordable and Constant Availability of Urea

A major highlight of this economic package is the continuation of the Urea Subsidy Scheme. With Rs. 3,68,676.7 crore allocated for the urea subsidy for three years (2022-23 to 2024-25), the scheme ensures that urea will remain accessible to farmers at an affordable price. This move, combined with the recently approved Nutrient Based Subsidy, will help farmers control their input costs. Furthermore, the Indian government aims to reach self-sufficiency in indigenous urea production, further protecting farmers from the escalating global fertilizer prices.

Nano Urea: An Efficient Alternative

By 2025-26, eight Nano urea plants will be established, each offering an eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to traditional urea. Nano urea provides a controlled release of nutrients, improving crop yield, and promoting cost-effectiveness. This new approach is a part of the government’s broader mission to render India self-sufficient in urea production by 2025-26. By 2025-26, eight Nano urea plants with production capacity of 44 Crore bottles equaling to 195 LMT of conventional urea will be commissioned.

PMPRANAM: Reviving Mother Earth

To promote natural and organic farming, and sustainable use of chemical fertilizers, the “PM Programme for Restoration, Awareness Generation, Nourishment, and Amelioration of Mother – Earth (PMPRANAM)” will be launched. Backed by a budget of Rs. 1451.84 crore for Market Development Assistance, this initiative encourages the use of alternate fertilizers and helps restore the Earth’s fertility. Market Development Assistance (MDA) scheme in the form of Rs 1500 per MT to support marketing of organic fertilizers, viz., Fermented Organic Manures (FOM)/Liquid FOM/Phosphate Rich Organic Manures (PROM) produced as by-product from Bio- gas Plants/Compressed Biogas (CBG) Plants set up under umbrella GOBARdhan initiative.

Introduction of Urea Gold

In a first for India, Sulphur coated Urea, termed as “Urea Gold,” is being introduced. More efficient and economical than the existing Neem coated urea, this innovation will address the nation’s soil sulphur deficiency and reduce farmers’ input costs.

Boosting Farmer Convenience with PMKSKs

Another significant step is the establishment of around one lakh Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samruddhi Kendras (PMKSKs). These centres will offer a one-stop solution for all farming needs, further simplifying farming processes for the country’s cultivators.

Looking Ahead

The extensive schemes approved promise to revolutionize agriculture in India. The promotion of natural and organic farming alongside judicious use of chemical fertilizers will not only reduce cultivation costs for farmers but also help restore the Earth’s fertility. The availability of low-cost urea, the reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers, and the introduction of innovative alternatives like Nano urea and Urea Gold, promise to lower input costs for farmers and boost crop production. By taking such comprehensive steps, India is ensuring a future of sustainable agriculture and economic prosperity for its farmers.