New procedure for analysis of fertiliser sample under Fertiliser Control Amendment Order 2023

The Government has issued the Fertiliser Control Amendment Order 2023, which introduces a new procedure for the analysis of fertiliser samples, effective from 1st March 2023. The aim of this policy is to ensure easy and uninterrupted availability of fertilisers to farmers and promote the “Ease of Doing Business.”

Under the new system, the fertilizer Inspector will draw three samples and send one sample to the state-notified laboratory for analysis. The remaining two samples will be deposited with the authority designated by the state. The dealer/manufacturer has the option to apply within seven days from the date of sample drawl to send one of the two samples to the state-authorized officer for simultaneous analysis at any of the authorized laboratories of the National Test House (NTH).

In case there is a variance in the two reports, the samples will be sent for referee analysis at the Central Fertilizer Quality Control and Training Institute (CFQCTI), Faridabad. This ensures that there is transparency and fairness in the fertiliser testing process.

It is essential for the states to appoint an officer not below the rank of Joint Director for the custody of the samples under clause 28A of FCO. This officer will be responsible for ensuring that fertiliser analysis is conducted efficiently.

Overall, this new fertiliser testing regime will help to promote the quality of fertilisers available to farmers and ensure that they receive products that are safe and effective for their crops.