You are currently viewing Matix Fertilisers one of the World’s largest single stream urea plant commenced its urea production

Matix Fertilisers one of the World’s largest single stream urea plant commenced its urea production

Long-awaited Urea plant of Matix Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited, West Bengal India have commenced its urea production, today.

The Matix plant is one of the world’s largest single stream plants and the first with a feed-stock supply of a combination of coal bed methane (CBM) gas and RLNG and having a single stream 2,200 MT Per Day (MTPD) Ammonia plant and 3,850 MTPD Urea plant (1.3 MTPA) along with associated offsite and utility facilities. It has fully automatic bagging plant.

Matix plant has most energy efficient latest technology from Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), USA for ammonia & Saipem, Italy for urea.

Plant was successfully commissioned and supplied Dr. Fasal Urea in the market in October 2017. Quality of Dr. Fasal urea, was well accepted by farmers of West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar in 2017. However due to inadequate supply of feed-stock, the production of urea could not be continued.

Industry leaders welcome the production of long-awaited Matix plant, as It will help to reduce dependency on imports, save foreign exchange and reduce government subsidy costs. It will support to the Indian Prime Minister’s vision Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

There is concern of timely availability of urea in eastern India, as there is no urea plant in West Bengal and Eastern India except Brahmaputra Valley Fertilisers Corporation Limited in Assam which is producing negligible quantity (around 0.12 million tons per annum) of urea. Currently, there is 98% gap between the urea demand and production, which is fulfilled by indigenous manufactures located at different part of country as well as through imports. HURL three urea projects (Gorakhpur, Sindri & Barauni) are also expected to commission in current financial year.

Farmers of eastern India will be benefited from Matix plant by getting urea at the time of need. Urea manufacturing units can supply urea by road within the radius of 500 Kms from the plant as per Indian fertilizer freight policy. Matix will also supply urea by road in the state of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and part of Odisha and Chhattisgarh, which falls under 500 Kms from Matix plant.

Matix urea plant will help to boost agricultural productivity and economy in the eastern zone by generating direct and indirect employment.