Insecticide for Tea

Approved InsecticideCropCommon Name of the pesta.i (gm) Dosage/haFormulation (gm/ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)Waiting Period (days)
Bifenthrin 08.00% SCTeaRed spider mite, Tea Mosquito bug40.0050040011
Bifenthrin 08.00% SCTeaRed spider mite, Tea mosquito bug40.050040011
Carbofuran 03.00% CGTeaCock chafer grub0.30 g/plant33.10 g/plant
Clothianidin 50.00% WDGTeaMosquito Bug (Helopeltis theiovora)60.0120.050005
Cyflumetofen 20.00% SCTeaRed spider mite125.0-150.0625-750400-50005
Deltamethrin 11.00% w/w ECTeaTea Thrips10.0100.040015
Deltamethrin 02.80% ECTeaThrips, Caterpillar3.0-4.0120-150400-60003
Deltamethrin 02.80% ECTeaLeaf folder10.0400.0400-60003
Deltamethrin 02.80% ECTeaLopper2.50-3.75100-150400-60003
Deltamethrin 02.80% ECTeaJassid10.0400.0400-60001
Dicofol 18.50% ECTeaRed spider mite, Scarlet mite, Pink mite, Purple mite, Yellow mite230.01250.025015-20
Emamectin benzoate 05.00% SGTeaTea looper10.00200.050001
Ethion 50.00% ECTeaRed spider mites, Purple mites, Yellow mite, Thrips, Scale250.0500500-100003
Etoxazole 10.00% SCTeaRed spider mite40.040040005
Fenazaquin 10.00% ECTeaRed spider mite, Pink Mite, Purple mite100.01000400-60007
Fenazaquin 10.00% ECTeaScarlet mite125.01250400-60007
Fenpropathrin 30.00% ECTeaMites50.0-60.0165-200400-50007
Fenpyroximate 05.00% ECTeaRed spider mite, Pink Mite, Purple mite15.0-30.0300-600400-50007
Fenpyroximate 05.00% SCTeaRed spider mite, Pink mite, Purple mite30-60600-120040007
Flubendiamide 20.00% WGTeaSemilooper30.015040007
Flumite 20.00% SC / Flufenzine 20.00% SCTeaPink mite, Purple mite80.0-100.0400-500500-100007
Flumite 20.00% SC / Flufenzine 20.00% SCTeaRed spider mite100.0-120.0500-600500-100007
Hexythiazox 05.45% w/w ECTeaScarlet mite, Red spider mite15.0-25.0300-500400/ha05
Phosalone 35.00% ECTeaAphid, Pink mite, Purple mite360.01028500-1000
Propargite 57.00% ECTeaRed spider mite, Pink mite, Purple mite, Scarlet mite430.0-612.0750-125040007
Pyridaben 20.00% w/w WPTeaRed spider mite100.050050007
Quinalphos 20.00% AFTeaHopper caterpillar0.05%100040007
Quinalphos 25.00% ECTeaThrips190.0760500-100007
Spiromesifen 22.90% SCTeaRed spider mite96.040040007
Thiacloprid 21.70% SCTeaMosquito bug90.0375.040007
Thiamethoxam 25.00% WGTeaMosquito bug25.0100400-50007
Propargite 42%+Hexythiazox 2%ECTeaRed spider Mites525+251250400-50007
Thiamethoxam 12.60%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 09.50% ZCTeaTea mosquito bug, Thrips, Semilooper33.015040001