Insecticide for Wheat Crop

Approved InsecticideCropCommon Name of the pesta.i (gm) Dosage/haFormulation (gm/ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)Waiting Period (days)
Bromadiolone 00.005% RBWheatIndian Field mouse, Field Rat0.005
Carbofuran 03.00% CGWheatEar cockle nematode3000.010000
Carbofuran 03.00% CGWheatCereal cyst nematode2000.066600
Cypermethrin 10.00% ECWheatShoot fly50.00550.0500-80014
Fipronil 00.30% GRWheatTermites0.0620 kg91
Quinalphos 25.00% ECWheatAphid250.01000500-1000
Quinalphos 25.00% ECWheatEar head Caterpillar, Mite400.01600500-1000
Thiamethoxam 30.00% FSWheatTermites01.03.3This is used as seed dresser 
Thiamethoxam 70.00% WSWheatTermite, Aphids121.0175Use as seed dresser at the time of sowing 
Thiamethoxam 25.00% WGWheatAphid12.55050021
Imidacloprid 18.50%+Hexaconazole 01.50% FSWheatTermites, Aphids, Smut, Rust37.0+3.0200Not applicabl eThis is used as seed dresser
Deltamethrin 02.50% WPWheat & Rice (Grain & seed in stacks)Rice weevil, Leaser grain borer, Khapra beetle, Red flour beetle, Saw toothed grain beetle, Rice moth, Almond moth30.0012001 litre/30 m2
Bromadiolone 00.25% CBWheat , GramField Rat, Indian house rat0.005