Insecticide for Pigeon Pea

Approved InsecticideCropCommon Name of the pesta.i (gm) Dosage/haFormulation (gm/ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)Waiting Period (days)
Indoxacarb 15.80% ECPigeon  peaPod borer complex50.0333.0500-70012
Chlorantraniliprole 18.50% SCPigeon peaPod  borer30.00150.0500-75029
Flubendiamide 39.35% m/m SCPigeon peaPod borer48.010050010
Indoxacarb 14.50% SCPigeon peaPod borer complex50.0-60.0353-400500-100015
Lambda-cyhalothrin 05.00% ECPigeon peaPod borer, Pod fly20.0-25.0400-500400-60015
Lufenuron 05.40% ECPigeon peaPod borer, Pod fly30.0600500-100065
Methomyl 40.00% SPPigeon PeaPod borers300.0-450.0750-1125500-100007
Quinalphos 20.00% AFPigeon peaPod borer500.02500750-100030
Thiodicarb 75.00% WPPigeon PeaPod Borer470.0-750.0625-100050030
Chlorantraniliprole 09.30%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 04.60% ZCPigeon peaPod borer30.020050018
Novaluron 05.25%+ Indoxacarb 04.50% SCPigeon pea (Red Gram/Arhar/Tur)Pod borer complex (Helicoverpa armigera& Maruca obtusa)43.31+37.13-
Flubendiamide 20.00% WGPigeon pea (Tur/Arhar)Pod borer5025050030
Ethion 50.00% ECPigeon pea or Redgram (Arhar/Tur)Pod borer500.0-750.01000-1500500-100021