Insecticide for Maize Crop

Approved InsecticideCropCommon Name of the pesta.i (gm) Dosage/haFormulation (gm/ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)Waiting Period (days)
Carbofuran 03.00% CGMaizeStem borer, Shoot fly, Thrips1000.033300
Dimethoate 30.00% ECMaizeStem borer200.0660.0500-1000
Dimethoate 30.00% ECMaizeShoot fly350.01155.0500-1000
Imidacloprid 48.00% FSMaizeShoot fly0.61.0
Monocrotophos 36.00% SLMaizeShoot fly250.0625500-1000
Oxydemeton-methyl 25.00% ECMaizeShoot fly250.01000500-1000
Thiamethoxam 30.00% FSMaizeStem Fly02.48.0This is used as seed dresser 
Thiamethoxam 70.00% WSMaizeShoot fly, Aphids245.0350Use as seed dresser at the time of sowing 
Thiamethoxam 12.60%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 09.50% ZCMaizeAphid, Shoot fly, Stem borer27.5012550042