Insecticide for Groundnut Crop

Approved InsecticideCropCommon Name of the pesta.i (gm) Dosage/haFormulation (gm/ml)Dilution in Water (Liter)Waiting Period (days)
Oxydemeton-methyl 25.00% ECGround nutAphid, Leaf  minor250.01000500-1000
Phenthoate 50.00% ECGround nutLeaf Webber500.01000500-1000
Quinalphos 01.50% DPGround nutThrips,  Jassids350.02330030
Quinalphos 01.50% DPGround nutRed hairy caterpillar375.02500030
Thiamethoxam 00.90%+Fipronil 00.20% w/w GRGround nutWhite grub, Termite108.0+24.0-
Carbofuran 03.00% CGGround nutPod borer1500.050000
Carbofuran 03.00% CGGround nutWhite grub1000.033300
Chlorpyrifos 20.00% ECGround nutAphid200.01000500-1000
Chlorpyrifos 20.00% ECGround nutRoot grub225.01125500-1000
Deltamethrin 02.80% ECGround nutLeaf miner12.50500.0400-60003
Flubendiamide 20.00% WGGround nutSpodoptera litura60.030050031
Imidacloprid 17.80% SLGround nutAphid , Jassid20.0-25.0100.0-125.050040
Lambda-cyhalothrin 05.00% ECGround nutThrips, Leaf hopper, Leaf miner10-15200-300400-50010
Methomyl 40.00% SPGround nutSpodoptera litura300.0-350.0750-85050007
Quinalphos 20.00% AFGround nutSpodoptera250.0-375.01250-1775750-100030
Quinalphos 25.00% ECGround nutLeaf Hopper, Thrips350.01400500-100030
Quinalphos 25.00% ECGround nutLeaf miner250.01000500-100030
Thiamethoxam 75.00% w/w SGGround nutTermite94.0125500-100057
Fipronil 40.0%+Imidacloprid 40.0% WGGround nutWhite Grubs (Holotrichia serrata)100+100 to
Imidacloprid 18.50%+Hexaconazole 01.50% FSGround nutTermites, Thrips, Jassids, Root grubs, Collar rot, Stem rot, Tikka leaf spot & Rust37.0+3.0200Not applicabl eThis is used as seed dresser
Novaluron 05.25%+ Indoxacarb 04.50% SCGround nutHelicoverpa armigera & Spodoptera litura45.94+39.3887550034
Thiamethoxam 12.60%+Lambda-cyhalothrin 09.50% ZCGround nutLeaf hopper, Leaf eating caterpillar27.515050028
Bromadiolone 00.25% CBGround nutField Rat, Large Bandicota0.005
Bromadiolone 00.005% RBGround nutField Rat, Large Bandicota0.005