You are currently viewing India’s next move in fertilizer: One Nation One Fertilizer

India’s next move in fertilizer: One Nation One Fertilizer

India’s next move in fertiliser is “One Nation One Fertilizer”. Minister of Chemical and Fertilizer is discussing on the concept note of “One Nation One Fertilizer” prepared by department of fertilisers, with all veteran of fertiliser industries, urea manufacturer and FMEs.

Objective of ‘ONE NATION ONE FERTILIZER’ concept is to minimize freight subsidy and monitor ‘Real time’ movement/availability/sales of Fertilizers in a state and to stop the diversion of Urea for industrial purpose.

Fertilizer companies get the Freight subsidy from government which lead to crisscross movement and also brand-wise demand of fertilizers in the specific areas by the farmers. Government want to stop the crisscross movement and confusion among farmers for various brands, as all the urea has nitrogen content of 46%.

Key Features of ‘ONE NATION ONE FERTILIZER’ concept

Introduction of PRADHANMANTRI BHARTIYA JAN-UREA PARIJONA and all urea to be sold under Brand Name of “BHARAT UREA”

Single Fertilizer design bag across the country for all the brand. DOF will design and finalize the bag.

All the urea bags will have bar-code which will be read through bar code reading machine, which will be linked with POS machines.

Fertilizer company will be eligible for subsidy only when the Fertilizers bag is sold through bar code reading machines via PoS Machine under DBT.