India’s fertiliser subsidies budget for the fiscal year 2023–2024

India’s Finance Minister in her budget speech told that the country’s fertiliser subsidy budget for the fiscal year 2023–24, which is Rs. 175103.17 Crores and 22% less than the previous fiscal year (FY’2022-23) i.e.Rs. 225222.32 Crores.

The urea subsidy budget for FY 2023–24 is Rs. 131099.92 crore, which is 14.9% less than last year’s subsidy amount of Rs. 154097.93 crore.

The total nutrient-based subsidy budget for P&K fertilisers is Rs. 44,000 crores, which is 38% less than the subsidy budget from the previous year, which was Rs. 71122.23 crores.

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