India simplifies freight claims in fertilizers: Modification in the procedure for submission of freight claims to DOF

DOF simplifies procedure for submission of freight claims in fertilizers, to DOF, by introducing online freight module in iFMS. Indigenous P&K fertilizers except SSP, imported P&K fertilizers and indigenous urea will be covered under this module. However DOF has made it live for indigenous P&K fertilizers. After successful implementation of procedure, it will be implementation for other imported P&K and indigenous urea.

Under this procedure, one consolidated freight bill for all the product under this scheme will be generated and submitted online thru iFMS. This bill is required digitally signed by authorized signatory and verified & certified by statutory auditor of company.

All the process including scrutinizing the freight bill, financial concurrence, financial sanction, process the bill through pFMS and payment, will be online only. This is a very good initiative step by government towards ease of doing.