India Notifies the Trend in Average International Prices of Fertilizers up to February 2023

In February 2022, Urea (FOB) was priced at USD 672/MT, but by February 2023, it had dropped by 29.32% to USD 475/MT.

Similarly, DAP (CFR) had decreased by about 28.80%, falling from USD 920/MT in February 2022 to USD 655/MT in February 2023.

On the other hand, MOP (CFR) had risen by around 13.90%, climbing from USD 518/MT in February 2022 to USD 590/MT in February 2023.

Meanwhile, Phosphoric Acid (CFR) had decreased by approximately 21.05%, declining from USD 1330/MT in February 2022 to USD 1050/MT in February 2023.

Rock Phosphate (CFR) had gone up by approximately 51.25%, increasing from USD 160/MT in February 2022 to USD 242/MT in February 2023.

Ammonia (CFR) had decreased by approximately 30.40%, dropping from USD 1135/MT in February 2022 to USD 790/MT in February 2023.

Lastly, Sulphur (CFR) had experienced a significant decrease of approximately 57.27%, falling from USD 344/MT in February 2022 to USD 147/MT in February 2023.