India fertilizer production rise by 10% till August 2022

Fertiliser Production, Import & Sales in India

Urea and DAP production in India is up by 16% and 22% till August 2022 over 2021 during the same period. Urea production during FY’22 till August is 116 Lac Tons and DAP production is 17 Lac Tons. Urea and DAP sales is up by 5% and 7% respectively.

NPKs Complex production and import all together have increased by 5% over last year during April to August.

DAP, MOP and NPK Complex imports have increased by 3%, 25% and 105% respectively during April to August’22 over 2021 during same period, however urea imports down by 13%.

Overall availability of Fertilisers in India is more than requirement till August 2022, in all major Fertilisers like Urea, DAP, MOP and NPKS. There is no shortage of fertilizers.