Fertiliser subsidy expenditure in India during FY’ 2022-23 till December

Government have increased almost 100% fertiliser subsidy budget from Rs.109187 Crores to Rs.218474 Crores, in current financial year 2022-23, due to hike in international prices of fertilisers and its raw material. This bold step is taken by government to make fertilisers available to the farmers of India at affordable price, throughout the year.

India fertiliser subsidy expenditure till December’22 is INR 181690 Crores which is 83% of total subsidy budget of INR 218474 Crores, including additional subsidy budget of Rs.109286.79 Crores.

Expenditure on urea is INR 122552 Crores (80% of total urea subsidy budget i.e. INR 153351 Crores) and P & K subsidy expenditure is INR 59137 Crores (91% of total DAP subsidy budget i.e. INR 65122 Crores), till December’22.