Black Sea Urea Price March 2024 Update

Black Sea Urea Price for March 2024 has been reported at US $330 per ton. This marks a notable decrease of 6% compared to the February 2024 price of US $351.25 per ton. However, compared to March 2023, where prices stood at US $313.5 per ton, the current price reflects a modest 5.26% increase.

The 6% decrease in Urea prices from February to March 2024 suggests shifts in market dynamics or changes in production and distribution factors. Despite this decrease, the modest 5.26% increase compared to the previous year highlights the overall resilience and growth potential of the fertilizer market.

The March 2024 Black Sea Urea Price showcases the dynamic nature of the fertilizer market, with notable fluctuations compared to both the previous month and year.