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No shortage of fertilizers in India: Adequate fertilizer stocks

India has surplus fertilizer stocks by 37 lac tons till 1st quarter of FY’2022. Inspite of soar in international fertilizer prices, there is no shortage of fertilizer in India.

The Russia Ukraine war have a disastrous impact on the global fertilizer market and global fertilizer and food production as well but Ministry of chemicals and Fertilisers GoI have well managed the situation. PM Modi have said in many forum that Inspite of sky-high international fertilizers prices due to the covid and the Ukraine war, GoI will take all steps to ensure the availability of fertilizers at affordable costs to the farmer.

Urea is surplus by 20 Lac tons, NPK by 12 Lac tons, DAP by 5 Lac tons and MOP by 1.4 Lac tons. Overall fertilizer production were increased by 12 percent and imports by 9%, however sales has gone done by 16 percent. Impact on sales is due to deficient rainfall specially in eastern part of India.

DAP production is up by 36 percent and Urea production have increased by 16%. However NPK production have gone down by 9 percent but import have increased by 74 percent Sale of NPK have also down by 42 percent.

Source: DOF