International Fertilizer Price Updates for May 2023

Black Sea Urea Price

In May 2023, the Black Sea Urea price surged to $329.25 per ton, delivering a whopping 5.06% increase compared to April 2023. While that’s impressive, it’s astonishingly 53.46% lower than the same month last year. Don’t miss out on this remarkable shift in prices!

US DAP Monthly Spot Price (Gulf)

Hold on to your hats because the US DAP Spot Price in the Gulf for May 2023 dropped to an astonishing $510 per ton. That’s a significant 20% decrease compared to April 2023 and an eye-popping 40% lower than the same month last year. These numbers are making waves in the industry!

Morocco Rock Phosphate

May 2023 has brought some excitement to the Morocco Rock Phosphate market. Prices are holding strong at $345 per ton, mirroring the rates in April 2023. However, the real buzz comes from the impressive 35% increase compared to the same month last year. It’s time to take notice!

Henry Hub Natural Gas

If you thought the surprises were over, think again! The Henry Hub Natural Gas Price for May 2023 is an astonishing $2.1 per MMBTu. That’s a thrilling 7.5% drop from April 2023 and an incredible 75% plunge compared to the same month last year. These numbers are truly making heads turn!

These figures provide an overview of the monthly spot prices for Black Sea Urea, US DAP (Gulf), Morocco Rock Phosphate, and Henry Hub Natural Gas, allowing for a comparison between the current month, the previous month, and the corresponding month from the previous year.