India’s fertiliser imports and production increased by 20% and 10%

Fertiliser Production, Import & Sales in India

India’s production of urea, DAP, and NPKs increased by 13%, 4%, and 4%, respectively, from January of FY 21-22 to FY 22-23 within the same time period. Urea, DAP, and NPKs totaled 237 million tons, 36 million tons, and 80 million tons, respectively, up until January of FY 2022–23.

Urea and DAP sales rose 9% and 13%, respectively, while MOP and NPK sales fell 34% and 13%.

Between April and January of FY 22-23, imports of fertilisers increased 20% overall compared to the same period in FY 21- 22. Urea, DAP, and NPK Complex imports grew between April and January 22 compared to the same period in 2021 by 1%, 41%, and 80%, respectively. MOP imports stayed the same.

Source : DOF