IFFCO allowed to export Nano Urea (liquid) fertilizer

Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers India has given permission to IFFCO for export of Nano Urea (Liquid) fertilizer.

Indian government allowed export with the condition that total export will not exceed 20% of the total production of Nano urea (liquid) fertilizer and no subsidized raw material (fertilizer / urea ) will be used for production of Nano Urea (Liquid) fertilizer.

Modi government is extending their full support to enhance the adaptability of Nano Urea (Liquid) fertilizer by farmers, would result in more savings to farmers and government subsidies. Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has also advised state government to make popularity of Nano Urea (Liquid) fertilizer for faster adaptability through various government agricultural programs, scheme and free trails.

IFFCO also shared and transferred technology of Nano Urea production with NFL and RCF under a MoU to increase production in India.