Fertilizer Import Prices in India: September Shown no variation over August indicative price

The indicative import prices of fertilizer in India as of 12th September, shown no variation over August prices. Urea contract prices are at $ 509.5 to $ 516.95 CFR, shown no variation over indicative prices of 29th August 2021.

DAP and MOP contract prices are at same level of indicative prices of 29th August 2021, which is $ 665 CFR and $280 CFR respectively.

There is no variation in indicative prices of NPK 10:26:26 and NPK 12:32:16 however NPK 20:20:0:13 price is slightly up.

Ammonia prices have slightly reduced by around 1.5%, whereas Phosphoric acid has no variation in prices.

No variation in prices of Rock Phosphate – Grade 66-68 BPL and Rock Phosphate – Grade 72 BPL.

Sulphuric Acid prices are $170 to $175 per ton with increase of 2.86% to 6%. Sulphur prices have shown major jump in prices by 14% to 17% (from $205 to $ 240 per ton).