What is the legal binding between a fertilizer company and government of India for fertiliser subsidy realisation?

All the fertilizer manufacturers and importers are registered by Department of Fertilizers under Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers Government of India and registration and company ID is allotted to all registered manufacturers and importers.

Payment of subsidy to the registered fertiliser manufacturers and importers are covered under various subsidy schemes notified by Government from time to time. No further agreement between registered manufacturers / importers and GOI is required to claim / receive the subsidy. In India, Sales of fertiliser to the end user (farmers) is captured thru POS (Point of Sales) machine and integrated with the govt owned i FMS system. The registered fertiliser manufacturers receive the subsidy based on the iFMS data integrated to the rate of subsidy as notified by GoI from time to time, to applicable groups / manufacturers / importers.