What is Amended New Urea Policy NUP – 2015?

Department of Fertilizers, GoI has notified few amendments on New Urea Policy NUP – 2015, on 28th March, 2018, with regard to Target Energy Norms given to all urea manufacturing units (except BVFCL).
(i)  For 11 urea manufacturing units viz., YFIL, NFL-Vijaypur-II, GIL, CFCL-Gadepan-I & II, IFFCO-Aonla-II, RCF-Thal, IFFCO-Kalol, IFFCO-Aonla-I, IFFCO-Phulpur-I &II, the target energy consumption norms as mentioned in Para 3.2 of NUP-2015, will come into force w. e. f. 1st April, 2018.

(ii)   The existing norms under New Urea Policy-2015 for remaining 14 urea manufacturing units viz., NFL Vijayppur-I, KRIBHCO-Hazira, KFL-Shahjahanpur, NFCL-Kakinada-I, NFCL-Kakinada-II, GNFC-Bharuchm GSFC-Vadodara, NFL-Bathinda, NFL-Nangal, NFL-Panipat, SFC-Kota, KFCL-Kanpur, RCF Trombay-V, ZACL-Goa are hereby extended for further period of 2 years i.e. till 31st March, 2020 with the following penalties:

(a)  Penalty equivalent to 2% energy of difference between NUP Energy norms and Target Energy norms of NUP-2015, for the first year i.e. 2018-19.

(b)  Penalty equivalent to 5% energy of difference between NUP Energy norms and Target Energy norms of NUP-2015, for the second year i.e. 2019-20.

(c)   Urea manufacturing units must achieve Target Energy Norms during the extended period of 2018-19 to 2019-20 failing which additional penalties may be imposed on defaulting units in consultation with the Department of Expenditure.

(iii)  The aforesaid target energy norms may be continued upto 31st March, 2025.  Meanwhile, an expert body under NITI Aayog would be engaged to recommend the energy norms to be achieved from 01st April, 2025.

(iv)  The three Naphtha based urea units viz., MFL, MCFL, SPIC are also allowed the existing energy norms under Para (2) of policy notification dated 17thJune, 2015 for another two years i.e. till 31st March, 2020 or till these units get the gas pipeline connectivity, whichever is earlier.  There will be no mopping up of energy efficiency for a fix period of 5 years from date of gas pipeline connectivity as per Para 3 (viii) and 5 (ii) of NPS-III policy dated 8thMarch, 2007.