How the company manage its product flows during lean period / low seasons? Accumulating stocks? Selling to other regions (with lower product shortage and having their own local players?

Company decide its marketing territory based on various factors specially diversified area in terms of crop, soil and monsoon rainfall distribution pattern. The low and peak of the fertilizer application season is well studied and documented. The distribution and logistics plans are diligently prepared to ensure that there is no shortage or surplus in the particular area round the year. The entire marketing territory is also covered with hired storage space for storing the material for short period if necessary.


Most of the companies have started working on PAN India crop based strategy within radius of 1500 Kms, to liquidate their product throughout the year especially in low/off-season.


Company also framed its all the branding and farmers activities & service strategies based on cropping patterns and cropped area, so that they could take care of their lean period / low season.