Bio Pesticide for Tobacco Plant

Bio PesticideName of cropName of Insecta.i. (g) Doses/haFormulation (g/ml)/%Dilution in water (liter/ha)Waiting period (Days)
Azadirachtin 05.00% w/w Min. Neem Extract ConcentratesTobaccoTobacco caterpillar, Aphids200.040005
Bacillus thuringiensis var. 4rustaki, serotype H-39, 3B, Strain Z-52TobaccoSpodoptera, Heliothis1.50-2.00500-750
SoyabeanTobaccoSpodoptera, Helicoverpa armigera1.50-2.00 kg.500-750
Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Spodoptera litura 0.5% AS, (1×109 POB/ml Min.)TobaccoSpodoptera litura1500400-600